Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Start of It All

The collection started simply enough, it was not intentional.  I was in a hotel someplace in the middle of nowhere, getting ready to present a day of training.  About 8:00 AM as I was dragging myself to the shower there was a pounding at the door and a shout "Housekeeping!"  I said, I'll be a little while, and when the housekeeper moved along I hid behind the door to hide my nakedness and hung out the Do Not Disturb Sign.  Half an hour later I am rushing out the door, rolling my suitcase and a bag full of laptop computers and the door slams shut against the do not disturb sign.  I grab the sign, struggle with an over active automatic door closer, curse, give up and stuff the sign in the side of my computer bag.  

Three days later when I arrived home, I found the Do Not Disturb (DND) sign in the side pocket of the computer bag.  It is a classic, plastic with Do Not Disturb on one side, and Please Make Up Room on the other.  I had never really paid attention to DND signs before.  I suddenly realized that they can be works of art.  That sign was the first, but certainly not the last that somehow ended up in my bags over the years. This site is a venue for sharing the collection.